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هل أنت راضٍ بشبكة النوم فقط؟ أو لا تستطيع العيش خارج جناح الفندق؟

Happy with just a hammock? Or can’t live outside a hotel suite?

Want to be steps away from the beach? Or right on the water?

Prefer cool mountain temperatures to air-conditioned city rooms?

From rustic to ritzy, quaint to boutique, the Philippines has as many types of accommodations as it has islands. Most popular destinations will give you options that run up (or down) the budget scale.

You can easily book your preferred accommodation through If you don’t have an advanced booking, the local Tourism office can easily find a place for you. They’ll even help you to the door if they’re free. Instant friends!

When choosing a place to stay, it’s best to check for DOT accreditation. DOT uses the standard international 5-star system, so it’s easier for you to compare.


Homestays. The Department of Tourism (DOT) has a Homestay Program for cultural destinations in the country. These let you experience our way of life while getting to know our people up close.

To inquire about a homestay, email


Electrical Current. 220 volts, 60 Hz. Two-pin flat blade attachments and two-pin round plugs are used. A transformer is necessary for appliances with electrical current of 110 volts. Most places will have extra transformers for their guests. Feel free to borrow one!


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