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Shopping and entertainment

From the thrift shopper to the splurger, we’ve got something for everyone.

Bargains to hunt and haggle for at street market stalls all over the country.

Brand names to collect at year-round sales in malls.

Cheerful staff who greet you at every turn.

In this country, shops are open from morning till late at night, and especially on weekends.

Many of the industrial areas of big cities like Manila have back-to-back bars and restaurants lining the streets, to draw in a buzzing crowd of young professionals after working hours.

Overnight tourists will find the quirkier side of fun in places like Quezon City, while urban dwellers and business travelers have time to relax in the posh hotels that fill Makati. It’s a quick walk across the street for great-value shopping in the ever-busy Greenbelt mall stretch.

Standouts include the stunning deals in the eastern Pearl Market of Market! Market! at Taguig City, vintage hunts in the many ukay-ukays (thrift stores) of Baguio, and local designer finds in style-savvy Cebu.

After your shopping spree, relax at the theater or recharge at the spa. Some pampering will make you forget the crowds.

Feeling fancy? Move on over to Resorts World in Pasay City, with its flashy casino lanes, six-star hotels, theater musicals, and big-name outlets. Just make sure you’ve brought your shiniest shoes and lucky charms.


Kick back with ice cold drinks at the percentage of the price you’re used to while watching the sunset at Manila Bay. Or experience hearty Filipino dining at a restaurant or bistro.

At dressed-down dampas, you can order fresh crustaceans by the kilo, straight from the market stalls, and then place your order with the restaurant kitchen.

For the Filipino, the family meets around local dishes cooked with love, passion, and plenty of soy sauce. Comfort food is on the menu, and meat, seafood, and vegetarian fare is all here in abundance. Of course, so is rice.

Here’s your chance to sample all sorts of tasty seasonal fruit, from everyday coconuts, bananas, and mangoes, to the more exotic lanzones, rambutan and durian.

From organic markets to eat-all-you-can buffets to exotic eats, your Filipino food trip is sure to be an unforgettable fun-filled experience! Sarap! (Delicious!)


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